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Deltamethrin 2.5%EC,5% EC
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Deltamethrin 2.5 ec  specification:
Withholding Period - Number of days between last application and harvesting:


14 days

(between last application and harvest)


2 days

(between last application and harvest)


28 days

(between last application and grazing)

DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Use only as directed.





African bollworm



Weekly protection

(normal dosage):

Low volume

ground application:

250 ml/ha








Cotton should be treated with sufficient spray mixture for

good coverage e.g 250 L/ha for boom sprayers on full

grown plants. See Notes below.

Apply sufficient mixture for good coverage e.g 2 L per 100 metres row. Arrange at least 5 hollow cone nozzles over

tramlines such that one nozzle sprays directly over the top of each row, one sprays in between rows and another

sprays on the outside of each of the two rows. For optimum coverage the two outside nozzles should be mounted on drop arms and should point upwards at an

angle of 45º.

Refer to aerial spraying precautions.

Follow a fortnightly spray programme.


Apply according to “Warnings” and “Precautions” above.

Dosage rates are based on plants taller than 0,6 metre.

All sprays must be based on scouting.

Scouting: Inspect 24 plants per 15 ha. Spray when following threshold value for African bollworm.

Reached: 5 larvae or 12 eggs per 24 plants.


African bollworm:



Aerial spray:

250 ml/ha


Centre Pivot Application:

250 ml/ha

Scout fields at 7 day intervals from beard emergence, sampling 25 plants per 15 hectare. Commence treatment when 10% of beards are infested, and have a maximum of2 larvae not more than 1 cm in length per cob. Larger larvae are difficult to control. Continue scouting at 7 day intervals until the grain is hard. See Aerial Application or Pivot Chemigation Precautions.

Note: It is important that early infestations are effectively controlled since any

damage to the young beard will prevent fertilization of the grain.


African bollworm



High volume:

12,5 ml/100 l water

(62,5 -125 ml/ha )










Low volume:

62,5 - 125 ml/ha


Commence spraying as soon as plants have started flowering or whenever bollworms are expected. Will control all larval sizes. Apply as a full cover spray. Repeat as a regular spray programme at 7 to 10 day intervals. Use 500 to 1000 l mixture per hectare, high volume dependent on plant size for tomatoes up to 1 metre high. For more vigorous tomatoes use larger volumes of mixture but retain the same D-TACKE concentration.

Apply as above in 12,5 to 25% of the volume water used

for high volumes.